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~*~ Connecting the Dots ~*~
On the left: Namibian model Behati Prinsloo at Chanel Ready-to-Wear, Spring-Summer 2007.
On the right:
A photo portrait by contemporary Japanese photographer Shomei Tomatsu, 1958.
Now let's look at the seasonal connectiom here: The "Spring-Summer" Chanel dress appears to be more for the summer than for the spring, and the kimono that the Japanese woman is wearing is known as a yukata, which is a lightweight casual kimono, usually made of cotton, and typically worn in--you guessed it--the summer!
The wide sash that holds it around her is called an obi, and it is tied in the back;
the socks are known as tabi, and the sandals she is wearing are known as geta.
Now for some red polka dots!
And those large sequins on the Chanel dress are known as paillettes; as one site says, paillettes are "large sequin disks with either one or two holes punched at the top edge," though these have a hole on top and the bottom.
The Chanel collection was presented in 2006, and maybe Lagerfeld had seen the Tomatsu retrospective exhibition that was on display at the Japan Society in New York from 2004 to 2005!
And lastly, look at this: it was even on a magazine cover! -
That photograph by Shomei Tomatsu was taken in the city of Nagoya, which is located in southeastern Japan. The title in Japanese is "売春婦 名古屋," and the English meaning can be found here (and scroll down for more).
The New York Times precedes the title with "Après Guerre," which is French for "After the war." Anyway, she was probably not expecting to be featured on the cover of an American art magazine, but there you have it! :D
References and more pics to be posted later tonight! ~ The Fashioniste ~
~ * ~ * ~
The Fashioniste presents the FIRST TWO in a series of beautiful women in...
~*~ Polka Dots! ~*~
STOP! ... Wait. That's a pretty cool style, right? :P!!!!
Yes! Namely, a brunette wearing a black top printed with white polka dots and cinched with a black vinyl belt.
As it turns out, I remember seeing another... Was it a Look-alike? No. Style-alike? Yes. And here it is! ->
On the left: American model Cameron Russell at Yves Saint-Laurent by Stefano Pilati, Spring 2005.
On the right: Russian singer Olga Zarubina, from her video "Тень" (Tyen', "Shadow"), 1988. (Link at the end!)
^ Hmm... do you ever make such an expression?? It's downright IMPERIOUS!!! ^
imperious - having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy; the synonyms: "some economists are disdainful of their colleagues in other social disciplines"; "haughty aristocrats"; "his lordly manners were offensive"; "walked with a prideful swagger"; "very sniffy about breaches of etiquette"; "a more swaggering mood than usual."
* Some Other Lovely Examples! :D *
Moschino poly/PVC coat, Spring 2008.
Click either of those two images to see the full-size version! And here's another detail!
From left to right: Korean model Hyoni Kang at Michael Kors, Spring 2009, then Siberian model Ekat Kiseleva at Valentino Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear, then Brazilian model Caroline Trentini at Michael Kors, Spring 2009.
Slovak model Zuzana Lettrichova at Valentino Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear.
Dutch model Lara Stone at Michael Kors, Spring 2009.
A detail from the the painted portrait titled "Polka Dottie" by American artist Mel Ramos, 1966.
Canadian model Jessica Stam, in an ad for Aldo shoes, Spring 2010.
To see the full-size version, click the image! And to see it brighter, click here!
Now for the lyrics from the video, with the Russian text on the left and English on the right. The link follows.

Ольга Зарубина - "Тень"

Скажи, зачем ты каждый день,
Похоже, дел других не знаешь,
За мною следуешь, как тень,
И в полдень ты не исчезаешь.
И по ночам тревожишь дом,
Поскольку, словно привиденье,
Ты ходишь под моим окном,
Ты ходишь под моим окном
Печальной тенью, тенью, тенью.

И раз, и два, и три, и пять
Тебе устала повторять,
Одно и то же говорить,
Чтоб перестал за мной ходить.

Тебе ходить за мной не лень,
Но одного не понимаешь:
За мною следуя, как тень,
Ты только время зря теряешь.
Пойми, что в жизни никогда
Уже не изменю я мненье.
Ты будешь для меня всегда,
Ты будешь для меня всегда
Лишь только тенью, тенью, тенью.

И раз, и два, и три, и пять
Тебе устала повторять,
Одно и то же говорить,
Чтоб перестал за мной ходить.
(Еще 3 раза)

Olga Zarubina - "Shadow"

Tell me why every day,
It seems you have nothing else to do,
You follow me like a shadow
And at noon you will not disappear.
And at night you disturb my house
Because, like a ghost,
You wander under my window,
You wander under my window
Like a sad shadow, shadow, shadow.

And once, twice, thrice, and five times
I'm tired of repeating
One and the same thing
To make you stop following me.

In your pursuit of me, you are not lazy,
But you don't understand one thing:
When you haunt me like a shadow,
You are just wasting your time.
Understand that never in my life
Will I ever change my mind.
You will always be,
You will always be
Just a shadow, shadow, shadow.

And once, twice, thrice, and five times
I'm tired of repeating
One and the same thing
To make you stop following me.
(3 more times)

Here's that video -- it has INCREDIBLE skateboarding moves, too!!!
As noted in the description, it is from the 1988 film "Primorsky Boulevard" ("Приморский бульвар") -
click play and then immediately change it from 360p to 480 in the lower right corner:
If it doesn't play right away, here's the external link:
> That Mel Ramos painting (or at least one version of it) sold for $713,000 (USD) in 2008, which was far, FAR more than any other paintings of his that were auctioned that year. Evidently that is the power of polka dots!

> Here is the video from that ALDO Spring-Summer 2010 ad campaign:

> Runway pictures from style.com and elle.com.
> Super-sophisticated screenshot technology courtesy of The Fashioniste. It is technology that consists of a person, who happens to be me (but it could probably be you or anyone else), watching a online video, then pausing it on whatever appears to be a good frame, and then hitting "Print Screen" on the keyboard, then pasting the image into a blank Adobe Photoshop file, then saving it as a .jpg, trimming it right down to the edges, adjusting the colors, then posting it here and...that's the "magic."
In just the U.S., 31.2 billion videos were watched in March 2010, as reported in this press release by the traffic-tracking service ComScore. And the power we all have now is nicely summarized in this comic from a computer-science expert.
Ok, I hope you like that so far! More of this pattern is yet to be posted!!! ~ The Fashioniste ~
~ * ~ * ~
~ Twelve Style-Alikes! ~
Some of my personal favorites!!! :D
~ * ~ * ~
-> Check out my interview at Fashion Zest! <-
1 page, 6 questions, and everything I said is there! Posted November 30, 2009:
To translate it from English into any of 50 different languages,
just copy and paste the above URL into where it says "Translate a web page":
Google Translation homepage
“A Lovely-Smelling Theme...”
A couple of Bardot connections:
~ * ~ * ~
Thank you.
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